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Learn Some Cool Core Strengthening Exercises

Before you view the core strengthening exercises below, you must first understand what muscle groups you are targeting and how your body will benefit from doing them. The abdominal muscles lend very little to the overall stability of your body core. If you lack physical strength and have poor conditioning of your core muscles, you increase your chances of experiencing more aches and pains in your back.

You also put yourself at risk for future back injuries. The primary responsibility of your core muscles is to support your spine, back, and shoulders. This should be your primary reason why you should do core strengthening exercises.

How To Choose An Effective Core Fitness Plan

First of all, you need to know what types of muscles that support your body core. Your core muscles start from the top of your abdominal torso and run all the way down to your lower torso. The muscle groups are:

  • Gluteus Muscle Group - These muscles are found in the buttocks and mid hip which includes the gluteus maximus,medius, and minimus. Your hamstring muscles are also a part of the gluteus muscle group.
  • Hip Muscle Group - This muscle group includes muscles that move the upper hip and pelvis. Your hip flexors and hip adductor muscles are also included in this group.

  • Abdominal Muscle Group - These are the muscles that make-up the front and side trunk of your body. They include the rectus abdominis, traverse abdominis, the external and internal obliques.
  • Spinae Muscle Group - The muscles in this group support your spine and they are the multifidus and erector spinae muscles.

Your total power and strength lies within the core of your body. When your core muscles are fit and strong, that power gets transferred to the rest of your muscles in your body. With all of that power you have in your core, you have more power in your reflexes. This is very important if you are active in sports. Even as you age, you don’t want to lose your power and strength.

Core strengthening exercises improves your posture.

When you have bad posture, you tend to lift things like small boxes, groceries, dumbbells, and small children improperly. This can lead to back injuries because you are placing pressure on your lower back. Core muscles that are weak are the cause of many back injuries.

Strong core muscles lead to improved balance.

Weakened core muscles puts undue strain on your lower back even when you are doing everyday things like walking or standing in line.  Strong core muscles enables the weight of your upper body to get distributed evenly to the front of your body all the way to your lower back. This is how your balanced is improved.

If you have weak torso muscles, The rest of the muscles in your body won’t perform the way they should. Core strengthening exercises will strengthen your core muscles giving you more stability and improved balance. You don’t even need to go to the gym to do these exercises. You can strengthen your core from the comfort of your own home.

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